5 Reasons You MUST Be a Part of Financial Peace University


I asked our Journey Pastor Chris Ruppe to explain why Financial Peace University needs to be your Next Step.  He came up with five great reasons it is a MUST.  Please take a minute and see what he has to say.

During the past sermon series we talked a lot about the tug of war over our heart. One of the greatest battles we face is the war over our wallets. At Lifepointe, we have made a commitment to NOT just ask people to commit to being good stewards of their money and become generous, but to also give them the tools to make that possible. If you have been at Lifepointe any amount of time then you know that we are committed to the tools provided by Financial Peace University (FPU). We offer, at a minimum, 3 opportunities per year to be a part of an FPU Lifeline that meets weekly for 9 weeks. It gives you incredible resources to take control of your finances and to work toward becoming free in the area of your finances. However, so many people are skeptical and find reasons to avoid being a part of FPU. So, I decided to share 5 Reasons why you MUST be a part of FPU.

Reason # 1: Your Marriage Depends on It!

OK…a little dramatic. However, research has shown that the two main reasons marriages struggle are over money and sex. The root of both of those issues is communication. FPU gives you the words and tools to get on the same page with your finances. It will help you communicate and develop a game plan to move in the same direction and avoid the regular arguments that occur in most marriages. If you can both commit to the plan then you can both remove one of the biggest hurdles most couples face in their marriage. There are enough other things to fight about and FPU can remove one of them.

Reason # 2: Because a Budget Is Not an Option. Yes. Creating and Living on a Budget Is Possible!

What I love about FPU is that it takes away the complexity that many people feel about handling money. It gives you simple tools and resources that allow you to manage a budget and live on that budget. Basically…anyone can do it! Yes. Even you!

Reason # 3: Because We Are Called to Be Generous and FPU Helps You Become as Generous as You Want to Be!

The weird thing I have learned over the last couple years is…people want to be generous. They want to be generous, but don’t feel like they can be generous. They have little or no margin in their finances to give to the church, support a favorite charity, help others with a mission trip, or simply give money to help meet needs that they encounter on a regular basis. FPU puts you on a path where you can be as generous as you want to be.

Reason # 4: Because Debt Is Bad!

I know that many people want to talk about good debt over bad debt. Whatever. There may be times when it is OK to have some debt, but let’s not go down that rabbit hole. Let’s just agree on one thing…NO debt is always good! There is never a time when we can say, “We have no debt and that is a bad thing.” Therefore, we should always strive to be debt free. FPU gives you the tools to become debt free. It even puts you on a path to pay off your mortgage. Can you imagine a world where you have no debt payments and no mortgage payments? Add those numbers up right now. The average Mortgage payment is $1,000 per month. Maybe you have car payments totaling $500 per month. If both of those were out of the budget you would have an extra $1,500 per month! What could you do with an extra $1,500 per month? A lot!

Reason # 5: Freedom Is a Biblical Principle

Most of the reasons we have for dealing with our finances are great reasons. However, some actually have a Biblical foundation. Dealing with our finances is also a Biblical calling. As a follower of Christ, I want to be available for whatever God calls me to do. When I am covered up in debt (bound up in monthly payments, and carrying the weight of a magnitude of stuff built up over many years of collecting) then I am in bondage and not free to give, go, and serve. There are many times you might feel a nudge for short term missions, engage in a missional project in the city, give support to a missionary, adopt a child who does not have a forever home, or simply give on a weekly basis. Debt keeps you from making these ideas happen. FPU is all about Financial Peace. Freedom. It gives you the ability to dream again and a path to make those God dreams come true.

So…what are your excuses? You can’t afford it. I say, you can’t afford not to. You don’t have time. Make time. It is the best investment of time you can make. You are afraid. Exactly. That is why you need FPU. It takes the fear out of it. Listen, there are tons of excuses, but there are many more reasons why you MUST be a part of Financial Peace University.

AUTHOR: Nate Siemon
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