First Next Steps Event at New Location!

Our very first Next Steps Event at our new church home was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who served, and all the individuals and families that took this opportunity to find out more about us, and ways to become connected at Lifepointe!

This bi-monthly event is a great way to meet other people, including our church leaders, and hear more about the mission and vision of the church, all while experiencing free food and childcare.



Lifepointe exists so that all people can experience a FULLY ALIVE relationship with Jesus. We believe our ability to live a full life is dependent upon taking Next Steps, several of which were highlighted during Sunday’s event:

Live in the Fullness of the Cross

“Jesus is not a religion to be observed, but a relationship to be experienced.” Pastor Nate said as he explained Lifepointe’s firm belief that God loves the world, and Jesus died on the cross to pay our sin debt.

This salvation was given as a free gift and is not expected to be earned. In return, Christ wants us to be in relationship with Him, which sustains and empowers those who believe. While we cannot live a perfect life devoid of sin, we can allow Christ to live through us.

Live in Community

“Lifepointe is a great place to hear the word of God, meet new people, and join a group that feels like a family,” said Larry Yeaton, one of our Next Steps Table Hosts.

While the church, as a whole, is a community, LifeGroups and LifeLines provide an opportunity for relation and application not possible on Sunday mornings. LifeGroups allow people to “do life” together as a family during the week. We eat together, play together, learn together and serve together. Members help each other through the tough times, and celebrate with one another in the happy times.

LifeLines allow people to experience community in a more focused environment, through topic-based sessions, such as Financial Peace University, Married Life, and even Health & Fitness. For more information about LifeGroups and LifeLines, visit the Next Steps section of our website.

Serving Equals Impact

“Impact Leaders make Lifepointe,” said First Impressions Director Steve Fuentes. “You see it every week; you can see the heart of people.”

Everything experienced at Lifepointe is made possible by the hundreds of individuals generously giving back to God each week through their time and talents. We call everyone serving at Lifepointe “Impact Leaders”, because serving equals impact and everyone’s impact is significant.


Lifepointe has many opportunities to serve, both on Sunday mornings and throughout the week. To find out more about ways to serve, stop by our Next Steps Area, or complete our  Serving Interest Form today!



Giving Reflects the Heart

“I want to leave this church, leave Lifepointe, better than I found it,” Nate said. “Our goal as a church is that if we had to close our church, the community would feel it.”

In addition to serving, being generous with our finances is another important Next Step. Giving is an act of worship and obedience. We believe “what we give indicates what we value”. We give, because Christ first gave to us.

God is doing amazing things, both within our church and far beyond our walls, through the generosity of those who give at Lifepointe. Our mentoring programs in local schools help young people grow in loving and supportive environments. Our support for the Rock Hill Children’s Attention Home, helps provide a safe and nurturing home for abused and neglected children. And, our partnerships with organizations like Stadia Church and Finish the Wall extend church-planting and ministry internationally.

This past Sunday, we issued a challenge to everyone who calls Lifepointe their church home to become a Percentage Giver, meaning give a regular, consistent portion of your income back to God through the local church. Click HERE more about ways to give at Lifepointe.

Reach One More

“My daughters and I look forward to Sundays every week, and now we look forward to becoming a member of a LifeGroup at the church we call home,” said Next Steps Attendee Christopher Hart.

This is why we do what we do! The hope is always that everyone who is invited to Lifepointe, everyone that gives us a “Try” either in person or online, will become a part of our church family, so together we can become FULLY ALIVE.


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