Five Reasons This Will Be the Best Christmas at Lifepointe We Have Ever Had!

It’s no secret…Christmas Eve at Lifepointe is my favorite service of the year. That’s right, I like it even more than Easter! I say that for two reasons:

1. God came down to rescue us.

What makes the Christmas story so powerful is not the baby in a manger or a star that guided in the night, but the fact that God came down to us. This physical act is still a spiritual reality for us today. We don’t have to try to get to God. We don’t have to try to get God to notice us. God already came to us and, just like on the first Christmas morning, He has been doing that ever since!

2. People’s hearts are sensitive and open.

Christmas tends to be the one time of year when people who “don’t believe in God” still include Jesus in their Christmas traditions. Why is that? I think because it’s the one time of year when people really do wonder, ‘Is Jesus real?’. The Christmas season is also a difficult time for some people. It’s a time when they are reminded of what they don’t have or what they wish could be. It’s during this time of brokenness that God tends to move the most.

That’s why I love Christmas at Lifepointe.

Because “God came down to rescue us” and because “people’s hearts are sensitive and open,” we go ALL OUT for Christmas at Lifepointe. We engage people creatively! We celebrate! We show them who this Jesus really is! And most importantly, we give people an opportunity to respond to the Gospel!

So, here are the five reasons I believe this will be the best Christmas at Lifepointe we have ever had:

1. Investments and Invitations

When we, as followers of Jesus, invest in people throughout the year and build true friendships, inviting those friends to church is easy. So many of you have been doing just that and now you plan to bring them with you on Christmas Eve!

2. DiscoveryPointe Kids Ministry

Parents, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for what your kids get to experience on Christmas Eve in DiscoveryPointe. Make sure to arrive with plenty of time to get your kids checked in!

3. Surprise!

What’s Christmas at Lifepointe without a surprise?! The only way to find out what the surprise is, is to be there live in attendance. No online access for this one.

4. Amazing Impact Leaders

It seems like every year our Impact Leaders (volunteers) continue to get stronger and more focused on why they serve. The passion from every Impact Leader, week in and week out, is what makes Lifepointe so great.

5. The Response

The main reason I believe this will be the best Christmas at Lifepointe is because we are believing in faith that we will see dozens of people respond to the Gospel in a life changing way!

See YOU this Saturday at 4:30pm or 6:00pm.

AUTHOR: Nate Siemon
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