What Is The Full Life Growth Track

The Growth Track was born out of the desire of Pastor Nate’s heart to fully realize Lifepointe’s vision verse, John 10:10…

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Jesus came to this earth, lived the perfect life, died on a cross, and rose from the grave, completely satisfying the sin-debt that humanity accrued. Jesus did all of that, not just to get you into heaven, but to bring heaven to you, so you can live your FULLEST LIFE here and now! A life lived to the fullest is a life empowered by grace.

The Full Life Growth Track (FLGT) is an eight-session experience designed to give participants both theological and practical handles on living this FULL LIFE for which Jesus defeated death and sin. Participants will discover, through the life of the “Rich Young Ruler” (Mark 10), that what often stands in the way of a full life is a GOOD life.

Most people settle for good. God wants you to live FULL. The difference between those who live their fullest life and those who settle for good, is the answer to this question, “Are you willing to TAKE THE TRADE?”

Who Should Take The Trade?

There are two things I cannot do for you as your pastor… I can’t save you and I can’t move you. Salvation is up to God, and spiritual formation is up to you… I can’t make you take Next Steps.

The journey begins by asking yourself these two questions:


Do you know the Pathway to your Spiritual Formation?

Do you know where you are on the Pathway?


The Pathway begins before you ever come to Lifepointe, and continues as you come to church, complete 5 Tries, attend a Discover Lifepointe event, and begin to take Next Steps like connecting in a LifeGroup or with a Serve Team.

In other words, the FLGT is not for everyone. This is ideally for the believer who’s been been walking with the Lord for a little while and really wants to take his/her faith to the next level! So, if you have given your life to Christ, been baptized, regularly attend and have been taking Next Steps to connect, it may now be time for you to TAKE THE TRADE!

What's Expected Of Me?

Vision will determine direction. If you don’t have vision, you will continue to wander aimlessly through life, bumping into whatever comes along. The FLGT is intended to help you discover more about God, and His purpose for your life. Success will require a commitment on your part to put in the work this discovering process requires.

The FLGT includes 8 sessions, every other week for 4-months. In addition, participants will be required to read the Bible daily, complete several personal assessments and other homework assignments, and interact with small group members during the week.

The FLGT is not intended to be the “silver bullet” to living FULLY ALIVE. Rather, this experience should be the on-ramp that trains and equips you with the necessary steps to take next. Whether you take those steps is entirely up to you. So participants who complete the FLGT will be challenged to put into practice what has been discovered over the next two years.

For more information about the FLGT or to register for the next session, click the link below.

Fall 2019 Session Dates

Session 1: September 8, 2019

Session 2: September 22, 2019

Session 3: October 6, 2019

Session 4: October 20, 2019

Session 5: November 3, 2019

Session 6: November 17, 2019

Session 7: December 1, 2019

Session 8: December 15, 2019