I’m Divorced. What does a marriage series offer me?

This past Sunday was amazing.  We are currently in a series on marriage called “I Still Do”.  This has been a life-changing series about marriage.  You may be thinking that a series on marriage is great for married people, but what about us single folks or what about those of us who are divorced.  How can a series like this help me?  Chris Decker, a single divorced mom, sent me an email this week and it outlined six ways a series on marriage is ministering to her.  Check out how this series is impacting her life.

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First I just want to say, “Man, Lifepointe is so doing it right!”  So here is how my Sunday played out and six ways this series made an impact on my life…

Back story: I am a single, divorced mom who wondered what a series on Marriage could do for me. Here’s what I discovered.

ONE:  I’m lying in bed. I check the phone to see what time it is, because it’s pouring down rain and has been all night long.  It’s thunderous and dark.  Do I really want to go to church?  I mean, it’s a series on marriage after all and I’m divorced.  So I lie in bed, contemplating just that when a notification pops up on my phone. It’s Lifepointe’s app with this message, ”Don’t let the rain stop you from what God has for you…” SERIOUSLY? Are you reading my mind now?!  So I open the notification and keep reading...what?!  “This message is for those who are divorced…”  Immediately, I hop out of bed and into the shower.  Seriously, every message, every notification can bring people to Jesus.

TWO:  I braved the rain. I got to church (and even had time for Starbucks – SCORE!) and the parking guys (whose lovely faces I had seen earlier in another Facebook post) were there to greet me as usual.  I am directed to my parking spot. I sit in my vehicle for a moment and notice a man and his wife (whom I recognize but can’t name).  He gets out of the truck in the rain, he opens the umbrella and walks around the truck, opens her door and shields her from the rain.  My heart immediately melts.  I’m so proud of the Christian men in our church, so happy for their marriage, so charmed by this sweet, lovely gesture.  Then for a moment I’m a little envious, wishing I had that sort of marriage. I’m not sure that I prayed in that moment that God would give me that, but as soon as it crossed my mind that I wished I had someone to care for me like that, the driver’s door to my truck opened. It was Richard Fletcher, a parking guy.  He held the door open, smiled and greeted me.  In that moment, I knew I wasn’t alone. I knew that I might not be married, but that I had good people being the hands and feet of Jesus around me to care for me…that I may not see Jesus, but He is there.  Every church member is a living example of Christ on Earth, from the man leading his family and submitting to his wife to the Impact Leader opening my door.  They all make a difference, even when they don’t know it.

THREE:  What an amazing worship service, led by my peers…my Lifegroup…just loving Jesus and renewing my spirit even more.

FOUR:  Nate, you began your message by saying that “Faith is Believing without Seeing.”  AMEN!  You were preaching to me this morning.  The whole message was eye opening.  I took notes. I Amen’d. I laughed. I cried, and I even made myself some action steps.

FIVE: Bobby and Megan’s testimony was just what I needed.  As a divorcee, it told me that I’m not done and I’m not over. I’m broken, but God can heal me and has a plan.  I knew this already. I’ve learned this in my last three years at Lifepointe, but when I came to church the first time, I was Bobby. I thought I was useless and over.  You can never, especially during a marriage series, emphasize enough that divorce doesn’t mean it’s over.

SIX: For the first time ever, I went to the “Next Steps” area after the service.  I shared something that I have been needing prayer on with Cathy Cox.  She and I prayed together. I wept as the prayer so eloquently rolled from her lips to God’s ears.  She knew my intent better than I did. The prayer renewed me, lifted me up, and encouraged me.

Nate, I talk a lot…too much usually.  I know I always have something to say and I wrote a long email, but really I’m speechless. This church, the Impact Leaders, the worship team, the Next Steps team, you are doing what you set out to do in every tiny action to help make sure that we all have a Fully Alive relationship with Jesus.  Thank you!

I am praying for you, your family, and the church.

God Bless,


AUTHOR: Nate Siemon
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