Make It Impossible... for people to not know Jesus!


As we look forward to the next 15 years as a church, the question we have been asking is, “What is the faith of the next generation worth?” When the Lord impressed this question on my heart, my immediate answer was… EVERYTHING! The faith of the next generation is worth Everything. But then I realized that anything that is worth everything is going to cost us something. We can’t say that the faith of the next generation is worth everything, and yet not be willing to give up anything.

18 Months of CRAZY Growth:

Back in September 2019, we celebrated our 15th Anniversary as a church. However, less than two years ago, we moved into our first ever permanent location. Our current property is just under twelve acres of land, and our church building is just over 20,000 square feet. Between opening our doors in January 2018 and September 2019, we experienced a 90% growth in attendance, welcoming between 1,200 and 1,300 people every Sunday across three services. This crazy growth from God has presented some challenges, like parking, lobby congestion, kids ministry overflow and maxed-out seating during our 10:30am service. But, not only have we seen numerical growth, we’ve also seen spiritual growth. Here are a few examples of the fruit we are seeing:

    • 137 First-Time Commitments to follow Jesus
    • 162 Baptisms
    • 61% Giving Increase
    • 1406 Next Steps Taken


On December 8, 2019, we came together as a church to “Make It Impossible”. Make It Impossible is our action response to our belief that the faith of the next generation is worth everything. It has been, and will continue to be, our goal as Lifepointe Church to see lost people saved and saved people set free. We believe the FULL LIFE message of Jesus is worth giving everything toward.

So, we’ve been asking everyone to partner with us by making a financial commitment, over-and-above their regular giving, for one year (December 2019 to December 2020), so we can create more room to Make It Impossible for people to not know Jesus!


Build Phase Two Expansion

Since moving into our brand, new facility in January 2018, we have been experiencing a miraculous move of God. In addition to the numbers above, we have seen an 85% growth in attendance at our regular weekend gatherings. In late 2018, we added a third service weekly to enable us to continue reaching ONE MORE.

As we continue to grow, we’re excited to be launching our Phase 2 Expansion in 2020. Phase Two will allow us to add an additional 11,000 square feet to our existing building. By adding this much needed space, we will be able to expand our DiscoveryPointe Kids Ministry and Lobby, add more multi-purpose rooms, and an additional 100 seats to the Main Auditorium. In addition, we will be able to expand our parking lot and create a new main entrance to the facility.

Launch Lifepointe Preschool

This giving initiative will allow us to start our very own Lifepointe Preschool! It’s always been our heart to use our building as a resource for our community, so that it doesn’t sit empty all week. Given the local demographics, and the fact that York County is the fastest growing county in the state of South Carolina, we see our Lifepointe Preschool (half day) as a great outreach and blessing to the community.

Registration for our 2020-2021 Inaugural School Year is now open! Click “Preschool” in the menu to visit their page and submit an application.

It's Not About Equal Giving... It's About Equal Sacrifice

Financial Goal

In order to start construction in the winter of 2020, we will need to have raised and pledged $800,000. So, we are setting two goals in front of our church.

$800,000 – GOAL / $1,250,000 – GOD GOAL

Three Ways to Give
1) Kickoff Gift

On December 8, 2019, Commitment Sunday, everyone was asked to hand in completed Make it Impossible Commitment Cards, along with their kickoff offering toward their total commitment in 2020. This kickoff offering is extremely important, as it sets the tone for the next 12 months and allows us to begin work right away on both iniatives!

2) Twelve-Month Commitment

Along with your kickoff gift, everyone also has the opportunity to make a 12-month financial commitment, over-and-above their regular giving. For example, if you commit to give $10,000 over-and-above your tithes for the year, and you give the first $5,000 as your kickoff gift, you would then give the remaining $5,000 over the 12 months in 2020.

3) Selling An Asset

One way to creatively expand your financial gift to Make It Impossible is to sell or liquidate an asset. This could be property, a vehicle, a boat, or even stock. If this is something you are interested in doing, the church is set up to assist you with this transaction. For more information, please contact our Finance Director, Sara Fletcher, at