Until Next Time…. Students on Mission

At 4:30 in the morning, 16 teens woke up in South Carolina and 11 hours later, they were eating chicken in Honduras.

“When I first entered Honduras I didn’t know what to expect as I stepped off the bus onto the makeshift concrete I felt a sense of longing purpose,” said Maggie, a sophomore in HS.

On July 22, these students went to the small town of El Eden to minister to the Honduran people and to build a home for a widow and her children, whose home was so run down that it posed a risk to the family.

Over the course of 10 days, they shoveled dirt, mixed cement, and fashioned rebar frames to build a concrete home; but the floor was not the only solid foundation that they built. The group spread the word of God to the local children with crafts, lessons, songs, and even puppets, anything to help kids connect with Jesus.

“Missions is like a way of life and not just an event,” said Christian, a junior in HS. “It’s about being Jesus to the world around us.”

While it was a lot of work, there was still much fun to be had. Each of the students learned about Honduran culture and learned Spanish words and phrases from the local families. They shared experiences and grew closer to each other and God.

“We made bracelets, played games and played soccer with them. It’s so hard to leave these kids, they are the sweetest, kindest and most loving kids I’ve ever met,” said Allie, a sophomore in HS.

On the tenth day, the group even went zip-lining and walked behind a majestic waterfall. Even though the final day was packed with fun and thrills and the students missed their families and friends back home, leaving was not easy.

“People cried, people laughed with some of the kids, and there were long hugs being exchanged between everyone,” said Ashley, a senior in HS. “Regretfully, we had to walk away, until next time!”

While they went to provide a home to a family who needed one, the long term impact is still yet to be seen. “We know that the Kingdom work we were a part of is only the beginning of the harvest that God will bring,” explains Pastor Josh. In fact, the home our students built last year not only blessed the family but is being used to host church small group bible studies. “We thought we built a home for a family, but we built a home for the church to reach the neighborhood,” shares Kathy Cobb, an adult leader on the trip.

We will also see the harvest in our students who have come back changed. Ready to serve God and follow Him built on the lessons they learned and experiences that captured their hearts.

“Pon tu esperanza en dios, quien nos provee todo en abundancia – Put your hope in God who provides everything in abundance.”

Each person that prayed and gave towards this trip shares in this celebration. We are all part of the harvest!

If you would like to read more about their trip, visit the Lifepointe Students blog.

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