The Time Is Now To Step In / Why Now?
  • South Carolina is among the Top 10 fastest growing states nationally.
  • York County is among the Top 5 fastest growing counties in SC.
  • Fort Mill is among the Top 10 fastest growing towns in SC.
  • Charlotte was the 8th fastest growing city in the U.S. in 2014.
  • 5 new schools will be built in Fort Mill in the next 10 years.
  • New homes are coming in faster than before the recession (FM Times).
  • The fastest growing age group, between 2015-2020, is projected to be Generation Z (birth to 13 years) at 27%.
  • It’s projected by 2020 that Fort Mill Schools will surpass the Rock Hill School District (Fort Mill School Board).


Our Step In Generosity Initiative will allow us to do THREE things:

Here: Buy The Land.

Right now, Lifepointe Christian Church is currently under contract on a 12-acre piece of property here in Fort Mill, on York Southern Road. This property, right off Springfield Parkway and across from Springfield Elementary/Middle School, is a prime location, just 2.3 miles from our existing location. The land is currently being used as a sports complex, hosting soccer, flag football and lacrosse. Lifepointe tends to maintain at least two soccer fields for use by the community during Phase One of the building process. This will improve Lifepointe’s visibility in our community while also meeting a real need.

TOTAL COST FOR LAND: $1.1 million

Build Phase One

Step In will also provide the initial funding to build and develop Phase One of our new facility. This state-of-the-art, 14,000 square-foot facility, will provide Lifepointe with an incredible 400- seat auditorium for worship, excellent DiscoveryPointe Kids Ministry space, a large modern- style lobby, dynamic Lifepointe Students space and great outdoor environments.

$2.7 million (Total projected cost for land plus Phase One facility – $3.8 million)


Lifepointe has a heart to reach our community, but also to reach the world with the Gospel! Step In will take our global impact as a church to the next level, as we partner with Compassion International to build a new church plant in Ecuador. Once the church has been built and a local pastor has been hired, Compassion will come in and register all the kids in the community in their program. Once the kids are registered, we as a church will have the opportunity to sponsor those children, and even visit them on a short-term mission trip! When you give toward Step In through your 25-month commitment, you are actually helping build two churches, one HERE and one THERE!


Your Part - This Is Our Time To Step In

This is an extraordinary event, a milestone in the life of Lifepointe. Therein, we are asking each family to make sacrifices, so their giving can go above and beyond giving to the general fund/ operations for 25 months.


On November 6th 2016, we will be asking everyone to fill out a Commitment Card (see example) with their commitment to Step In. Below are the three ways you can give towards Step In:

1) Upfront Giving

On November 6th, Commitment Sunday, everyone will be asked to make their largest one- time financial contribution to Lifepointe to kickstart our Step In generosity initiative.

2) Pledge Giving

On Commitment Sunday, everyone will be asked to designate an amount of money that you plan to give towards Step In over the next 25 months.

3) Non-Cash Giving

Everyone is encouraged to creatively give towards Step In. This can include non-cash gifts, such as boats, land, cars, jewelry, stock, etc.