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35 students will be traveling to Burnsville, NC on Friday for a weekend retreat to support each other in serving as leaders in the community.

The High School CORE Leadership Retreat is part of Lifepointe Students’ Leadership Program which brings together students working toward living as leaders, whether that be by helping children through DiscoveryPointe, greeting guests at the door or serving on the worship team. The Program teaches these students about leadership qualities, and provides an avenue to meet other Student Leaders.

“This program is designed to equip and encourage young people to be a leader in life,” said Student Pastor Josh Harris.

Josh created the program in fall of 2015 after noticing that, while many students were serving, those serving in all the different areas did not gain much-needed interaction with one another.

“Kids who came regularly didn’t even know each other; and that’s a shame,” Josh said.

He answered this by bringing them together in what started as a Bible study of 6, and has since grown to a program with more than 35 Student Leaders working together to help each other make a difference.

“I like being a part of something. I like being part of a team,” said high school senior Victoria, who is beginning her third year serving in Middle School. “Being a Student Leader, to me, is like having another family!”

The main goal of the program is to allow the students to support and encourage other Student Leaders. Josh said that when someone becomes a leader, it adds new responsibilities. This program provides a way for students to share their life experiences and help each other take on life’s challenges together.

“I want to serve because, before I came to Lifepointe, I was in a very bad place,” said Brianna, a sophomore in HS who just started serving in Middle School. “When I came here, I got close with God and got help. I want to love others just like I was loved.”

The program is not only meant for those who are currently serving, but is also as a resource for those looking to start serving.

“It’s not just about being future leaders, but being leaders now,” Josh said. “It’s powerful to see that the church is investing in its children.”

Hear why Macy, Joi, Ryan and Tayler are excited about leading at Lifepointe:



If you are interested in becoming a Student Leader or helping the program in any way, please contact Josh Harris at For more information about Lifepointe Students, and how you might become involved, visit our website at

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