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At Lifepointe, we believe giving reflects the heart. When it comes to generosity, we have an “I get to” mentality, not an “I have to” mentality. What we give, through our time, talents and treasure, is an indicator of our level of gratitude for what Jesus has done for us. When you give, your generosity makes an ETERNAL IMPACT through a variety of ministries and activities within our church, local communities and beyond!

This December, we’ve been sharing stories of impacts made in 2017 through your continued generosity, like this one from Ben McGue, son of Lifepointe’s Founding Pastor Matt McGue…

Dear Lifepointe Family,

I can’t believe it has been almost 5 years since I have been in community with all of you, but this new season of life in college has brought some incredible growth and exploration of my faith. I am currently a senior at Johnson University in Knoxville, Tennessee and majoring in Intercultural Studies and Missiology.

This past summer I was able to do my internship overseas in Galway, Ireland! I spent my time there working at Community Christian Church in a small village just North of the city. I was using photography and graphic design to help the church market themselves in the community by making posters, photographing and designing sermon series art, and completely updating the church’s website! Much of my time was spent in the city building relationships with locals and making friends with the hopes of sharing my faith and planting seeds.



I made some lifelong Irish friends while I was there and had the opportunity to share my faith with all of them!

I want to thank all of you at Lifepointe for the financial and spiritual support throughout this journey to Ireland. I was a month away from leaving and a little short on funds, but my home church came through in those last moments to help me get to Ireland safely! By your giving I was able to spend three months in Galway to help grow the local church, share Jesus with the Irish, and learn from seasoned missionaries to help affirm my calling to world missions! I hope to be with you all in January for the opening of your new building and I am praying for you all during those transitions.


Grace & Peace,

Ben McGue

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