Next Steps

At Lifepointe, we are committed to helping ALL people take Next Steps towards becoming Fully Alive in Jesus!

Whatever your next step is, we want to know! Whether it’s making a commitment to Jesus Christ for the first time, Baptism, joining a LifeGroup, jumping into a Serve Team, becoming an Owner, getting some Financial Coaching, or requesting prayer we want to partner with you on your journey. We are here to help you identify and complete your Next Step.

My Next Step Is

Visit our Next Steps Area any Sunday morning to speak with someone in person about your Next Step

Discover Lifepointe Event

We encourage everyone, but especially those new to Lifepointe, to attend our Discover Lifepointe Event. Our event is a great opportunity to hear more about the mission and vision of the church and take next steps to get connected.

For more information or to register for the next event, complete the form below.

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Salvation & Baptism

Commitment to Follow Jesus

The first and most important step every person makes in his or her spiritual journey with Jesus is deciding whether or not we will commit to follow Him. Following Jesus means recognizing our need for Jesus, and making a commitment to Jesus, allowing Him to be in charge of our lives. Then, the journey of following Jesus begins.


The first step after a commitment to Jesus, is the act of baptism. Baptism is symbolic and public proclamation of our faith in Jesus. Through baptism, we symbolize Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection by being briefly submersed under water and coming out of water.

My Next Step is Salvation & BaptismMy Next Step is Salvation & Baptism


LifeGroups are relational communities helping people live a full life in Jesus.

At Lifepointe, we are committed to relationships and to connecting people with one another. The best and most enjoyable way to go through life is to do it with close friends, who can encourage each other and help each other grow. A LifeGroup is a great place to make these kinds of connections. LifeGroups are small groups of people that get together regularly to EAT, PLAY, LEARN and SERVE.

Learn More About What It Means to “Do Life” with Others Through LifeGroups

Financial Peace

At Lifepointe, we believe achieving a FULL Life in Christ also means being in control of our finances.

We want everyone to experience the FREEDOM that comes with handling money God’s way. Here are three ways you can begin to take steps towards financial peace today!

Financial Peace University (FPU)

If you are ready to get out of financial debt, and put God first in every area of your life, then one of our Financial Peace LifeLines may be your Next Step!

Throughout the year, we offer several sessions each of Financial Peace University (FPU) and Legacy Journey.

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Hear what a difference FPU can make in the life of one family

Hear what a difference FPU made in the life of our church

Financial Coaching & Assistance

Our One-on-One Financial Coaching will allow you to sit down, with an approved Lifepointe Impact Leader (volunteer), to help answer your financial questions, as well as create a game plan for your finances. The one-on-one coaching will primarily focus on budgeting, debt-reduction, giving, savings and retirement.

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The purpose of the Helping Hands Ministry at Lifepointe Church is to help meet some of the physical needs faced by “owners” and regular attenders of the church. The Bible tells us that we should help members in need (James 2:15-16) and encourage each other to work hard to meet their own needs (2 Thessalonians 3:9-10).

Helping Hands Program GuildelinesHelping Hands Program Guildelines
Helping Hands Request FormHelping Hands Request Form
My Next Step is Financial Peace!
Financial Participation

At Lifepointe, we believe GIVING reflects the heart, and that every time you give, you are helping change someone’s life!


A natural Next Step is to move from simply attending to serving.

At Lifepointe, we don’t use the term “Volunteers”. We call everyone serving “Impact Leaders”, because those serving at Lifepointe are making an eternal Impact.

We make it really easy for you to find out where and how you can engage here at Lifepointe by serving. There is no upfront commitment. We have opportunities you can take advantage of immediately. Just complete the form below to let us know you are interested, and we will be in touch with you soon to discuss what areas are open.

Discover more about the philosophy of serving at Lifepointe

Why should you serve?

My Next Step Is ServingMy Next Step Is Serving

Mentoring Program

Lifepointe is excited to be partnering with Springfield Elementary School in Fort Mill and Ebenezer Elementary School in Rock Hill to provide Mentors!

The Mentor Program at Lifepointe is a part of our “Every Child” Impact Ministry.

Why Become A Mentor?

My Next Step is Mentoring!

Leadership Program

If you have ever wanted to know more about full-time ministry or learn some great leadership skills, that will apply to any vocation, then consider signing up for Lifepointe’s Leadership Program. Lifepointe currently offers a 10-week, summer internship experience, as well as a 6-month leadership experience.

My Next Step is Leadership!