Lifepointe preschool is a place where kids begin to discover Jesus, relationships and a love for learning.

Vision & Values

At Lifepointe, we’re as committed to the NEXT GENERATION as we are to any other! We believe the church of the future begins NOW with the kids of today. And, it’s always been our dream to use the facility God has provided to share the love of Jesus with our community throughout the week.

So, we could not be more excited to be opening a half-day preschool beginning in the Fall of 2020. Thanks to the generosity of our church and God’s provision, we’ll be opening our doors to preschoolers as many as 5 days a week, to experience the same DiscoveryPointe Kids Ministry Vision and Values, with a creative approach to education!

Where Discovery Begins

Discovery of…

the alphabet, shapes, numbers, colors, the calendar, seasons, and weather

Discovery of…

coloring, writing, sequencing, and sorting

Discovery of…

sharing, taking turns, and being part of a group

Discovery of…

empathy, self-esteem, and emotional control

Discovery of…

running, jumping, catching, and balancing

Discovery of…

communicating and language development

Discovery of…

creativity, pretend play, and imagining adventures

Discovery of…

Jesus and a spiritual comfort

2020-2021 School Year

Join us Monday, January 27 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, to take a tour of the Preschool spaces and find out everything you need to know for the 2020-2021 school year! On-site registration will begin during the event, and open online immediately after. (The link will be available on this page by 8am EST on Tuesday, January 28).

Classes will begin August 24, 2020, and school hours will be 8:30am to 12:30pm. The school will follow the Fort Mill School district for all holidays and emergency closings.

A variety of programs and tuitions are available for children ages 22 months to 4-years-old (as of September 1):

ALMOST TWO (born Sept/Oct)

2 days  (T/Th) $210/month


2 days (T/Th)  $210/month

3 days (M/W/F) $260/month

5 days (M-F) $295/month


3 days (M/W/F) $280/month

4 days (M/T/W/Th) $295/month

5 days (M-F) $325/month


5 days (M-F) $350/month

Threes and Fours must be potty-trained. A snack and lunch will be served during each school day, provided by the parent.

Once registration is open, a link to complete your application and pay the registration fee will be available below.

REGISTRATION FEES = $125 for 2 & 3 day programs / $150 for 4 & 5 days

Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable. Applications for student placement will be processed in the order received, beginning with our Open House experience. Applications will not be considered for placement until the registration fee is paid in full.

For more information, email Audra Palmer, Preschool Director, at, or visit our Facebook page. 

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